Boat Storage

Dinghy Park

Slots are allocated on the basis that this is for the period between crane-in and crane-out.

Tenders and dinghies should be removed from the park a week before first crane-out.

Tenders SHOULD NOT be put into racks until a space has been allocated/marked on the chart and the appropriate fee paid.

ALL tenders must be clearly marked with owners/boat name. Failure to do so will result in the tender being removed.



Tenders £35

Dinghies £95 – to include all Tuesday night race fees

Cadets £53 – to include all Tuesday night race fees


Winter Yacht Storage in the Club Park

The Club is fortunate to have a winter laying-up facility. This however is currently fully subscribed and there is a very long, slow-moving waiting list.




For anyone wishing for a place in the park, a written request is required, with allocation dependant on a suitable vacancy becoming available (a similar size yacht leaving the Club) and it will also reflect a general contribution to running the Club.