The membership year runs from the 1st March to the following end of February. We are currently offering the following categories of membership for 2018/19: 



Full – must be aged 18 or over and has two votes at AGMs £120 per year
Full Plus – spouse/partner of a full member is also a voting member £60 per year
Associate – must be aged 18 or over and has one vote at AGMs £60 per year
Associate Plus – spouse/partner of an associate member is also a voting member £30 per year
Under 25 – must be aged 25 or younger and has one vote at AGMs (for those over 18) £35 per year
Cadet – must be aged 11 to 18 and has no vote. This membership is organised/approved by the adult officers of the Cadet section £40 per year (plus £10 equipment charge)


The Joining Fee for Full and Full Plus membership applicants is £10. The Joining Fee for Associate and Associate Plus membership applicants is £5. Other categories of membership do not incur a Joining Fee.
All candidates for membership should complete an Application Form which is available from the Club and have the application initialled by a member of the Clubs management committee. The application form, Direct Debit Mandate form accompanied by a cheque for the appropriate Joining Fee and Membership Fee should then be returned to the Club.


Applications approved after the 1st September each year will pay the full Joining Fee but only half the annual Membership Subscription applicable for that year. Subsequent annual Membership Subscriptions are collected by Direct Debit on or about the 1st March each year.


Please note that Club Moorings are available only to Full Members. Applicants who wish to rent a Club mooring must pay a Joining Fee of £110. The number of Club Moorings is limited, and there may be a waiting list. Restrictions apply to members who reside outside Devon and Cornwall. Mooring Fees are paid monthly – the amount will depend on the location of individual moorings. All Mooring Fees are collected by Direct Debit.


The current Club Rules which should be read by any new member can be viewed by following this link.