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Thursday Series per race £3

Thursday 1st, 2nd or 3rd series £15

Thursday All series £40

Tamar Packaging Spring Series £10 per day / £30 per series

Plymouth – Fowey/Fowey - Plymouth £15 one way / £20 return

Commodores Cup £20

Autumn Series £3 per race /£15 per series

Ullman Sails Youth Helm Free

Ladies Helm £5

New Year’s Day Race £5

IRC Certificates: IRC boats must provide a copy of their current certificate to the Club before racing.

By clicking the submit button you agree with the terms and conditions below:

Please enter my boat for the races indicated. I agree to be bound by the racing rules of sailing, prescriptions of the RYA, Sailing Instructions and General Conditions, and appropriate IRC, NHC and Class Rules. I certify that the particulars of my boat as stated on the entry are correct. I accept that neither the Saltash Sailing Club nor its representatives shall bear any responsibility for any loss, damage, death or personal injury howsoever caused to boat, skipper or crew. I undertake to hold third party indemnity insurance for racing with maximum cover of £2,000,000. I warrant the suitability of the boat for the race(s) and accept full responsibility for the seaworthiness and safe navigation of the boat, the competence of the crew, and for judging whether to start, continue or retire from any race. I accept that any inspection of the boat does not in any way limit my absolute responsibility in these respects. Please Note: Cadets must be under 19 and Students must be under 21 to enter the race.

I undertake to draw the attention of all these matters to all members of the crew before racing.